Black Eyed Susan Maryland State Flower Laundry Bag

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Bring the cheer of midsummer blooms to your laundry bag to make laundry day just a little bit more bearable. This sunny retro-ish floral pattern will look great in your bathroom or bedroom, and won't get lost at the laundromat. Great gift idea for Marylanders, especially college students who might like a small and subtle reminder of home!

Coordinates with this shower curtain, too! 

These cute canvas laundry bags are designed to add some fun to storing your dirty laundry at home or on the road. Pack it up to sort your clothes when you travel, store it on the back of the bathroom door so socks don't have to gather on the floor, or hang it next to the hamper for delicates or set aside your dress shirts for dry clean only sorting. So much nicer than a messy pile in the corner!

Available in 2 sizes:

The small (18x32 inch) is pictured hanging on the hook, and is perfect for travel and dry cleaning. It holds about a week's worth of adult laundry (mine anyhow - results will vary depending on how often you change your clothes and how many layers you wear!).

The larger size (26x36 inch) is great for a college student, couple or anyone who wants to make sure their laundry bag will not fill up before laundry day.

Made from tough spun polyester canvas, with a surdy, natural colored shoulder strap for easy carrying to the laundromat or the dry cleaner; cinch cord and brass grommet openings for the drawstring. Printed on both front and back.

Designed and made to order in the USA.

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