About Metro Shower Curtains

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Metro Shower Curtains is a small, design-focused company, hoping to improve the look and feel of your bathroom with one simple change: a gorgeous shower curtain! 

I describe my company in some contexts as "we" because I rely on a network of technology and production partners, but Metro Shower Curtains is actually just me, Rachel Summers. I am an artist, photographer, and designer. I turned to shower curtains when I discovered this amazing way to display art and other fun prints on a large scale with a small budget. While my shower curtains are not big-box-store cheap, they also are not mass-produced overseas. Instead, they are digitally printed and hand sewn in the United States one at a time, then mailed directly to you using designs that I create. 

To create my designs, I use a combination of photography, illustration, as well as some remastered content from the public domain, e.g. vintage maps. My goal is to elevate your decor experience, even in the bathroom. I love helping customers visualize how design could look in their home, with full surroundings of wall and fixture colorings.

About My Shower Curtains

The Details:

  • All shower curtains are 71x74 inches (which is a standard size, but we suggest that you measure your space before ordering!)
  • 100% Polyester fabric
  • Non-toxic, PVC-Free, vinyl-free, non-plastic
  • Dries quickly
  • 12 button hole top for hanging
  • Stitched sides
  • Low mildew 
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping to anywhere in the USA!
  • Hooks, liner and hanging bar are not included with purchase.
  • Most Metro Shower Curtain designs are also available via Amazon & Etsy, if you prefer!

    Fabric & buttonhole detail 

    My printing partner does the magic of creating each shower curtain, and trust me, they are beautifully printed with vivid colors and a soft silky sheen. Each shower curtain is sublimation printed on soft polyester fabric, creating a light-weight, quick drying easy care curtain that will last for years without fading.

    Polyester is a great choice for low toxicity, as it is PVC-free, BPA-free and non-vinyl. And if it mildews, you can throw it in your washing machine to remove it. Amazing, right? While water-resistant, polyester is not water-proof, so I do recommend using a shower curtain liner for the inside of your shower. A liner also allows you to display your beautiful curtain outside the shower, for a more finished look, while keeping your floor dry.   

    Safe and Secure Ordering

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    I built my shop using Shopify, the top provider for small business ecommerce hosting and management. In addition to hosting my store, they also handle the important stuff like industry standard, secure, encrypted credit card processing via Stripe or Paypal, and order management, allowing me to stay focused on design.

    Looking for More Cool Stuff with My Designs? 

    I have made a number of designs available via another partner site, Society 6, who has made it extremely easy for me to offer you a wide range of additional products ranging from window curtains, wall murals, clocks, bar stools, tote bags, and serving trays.  For the bathroom, several designs are available as towels and bath mats; if you're looking for something you don't see please feel free to reach out to me to see if it can be done! (metroshowercurtains@gmail.com, or use the handy contact form)


    How to Reach Metro Shower Curtains

    I love to hear from customers with ideas, suggestions, requests, photos of their bathrooms with their shower curtains, or whatever it may be that you have to share. Please reach out any time! 

    Rachel Summers

    Metro Shower Curtains
    384 Lincoln St.
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