Metro Shower Curtains Material and Care

Looking for more information about your shower curtain? How to clean or select materials? We have gathered some information and tips from around the web that we found to be useful. 

Toxicity and Environmental Impact

Metro Shower Curtains sells polyester fabric curtains, and here is a bit more information for you about why it's a great option for toxicity and low environmental impact:

"A study by our partners at CHEJ showed that PVC shower curtains can release as many as 108 volatile organic chemicals into our homes – some of them lingering for as long as 28 days after the shower curtain was unwrapped and hung in the bathroom! These chemicals have been linked to developmental damage as well as damage to the liver, central nervous system, respiratory, and reproductive systems. And all you wanted to do was take a shower… But don’t worry, you can opt instead for fabric shower curtains and ditch the toxic vinyl. "

 - From: Women's Voices for the Earth

"Scientists have reported that polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shower curtains out-gas toxic materials into the air in your home. This news has sent consumers scrambling for other options. Nylon and polyester shower curtains are two "PVC-free" options on the market today."

- from eHow

About Washable Fabric Shower Curtains

Polyester fabric shower curtains hang well and are washable! How to wash and care for a fabric shower liner or curtain:

"...if it's your first fabric liner, you will notice an upgrade in how it hangs (more naturally) and feels (softer!). And washing it really is as easy as tossing it in the wash with a few bath towels to prevent the liner from getting crinkly."

- from: Architectural Digest 

Metro Shower Curtains can easily be tossed into any home washing machine to freshen up. Save energy and skip the dryer -- your shower curtain will air-dry in no time. 

If you notice orange staining especially near the bottom of your curtain, fear not. I have personally dealt with this on my own bathroom. The washing machine was not strong enough to remove, however, a light soak in backing soda, vinegar and/or borax powder solution followed by a light scrub with a kitchen cleaning brush got rid of it like magic without damaging the curtain in the slightest. See detailed instructions here

Why We Love Sublimation Printing & Why Polyester

We love sublimation printing for amazingly rich colors:

"Printed graphics, text or logo on polyester fabric will not crack, fade or diminish. No matter how many times you wash it, the printed image won’t come off or lose color. [and]... polyester ensures rich printed colors."

From Sublistar Sublimation Printing Supplier - note that we are not affiliated with this particular printer, however, they have summed up all the benefits of this technology quite well. 

Other Uses for Fabric Shower Curtains

Just in case you don't have enough tubs in your house for all the curtains you love: 

Can You Use Shower Curtains on Windows?... A shower curtain can go in the living room—if it’s an appropriate material. You may not be able to get that sheer, ethereal look using shower curtains as window treatments, but for dark curtains that block out light and preserve your privacy, a shower curtain might be just the thing (especially if no window curtain panels have caught your eye).

- from: Real Simple. (Yes, our polyester shower curtains are "an appropriate material!)

More Coordinating Products 

Like a design and want more items to coordinate in your bathroom or elsewhere around the house? Clocks, hand towels, bathmats, wallpaper, wall art, and more are available for many Metro Shower Curtain designs via Society 6. If there's something else you'd like to see, please contact us!