Hops Green Leaf Print Shower Curtain

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Love beer and trying to figure out how to tastefully integrate it into your home decor. Want a craft beer bathing experience? This hops leaf pattern shower curtain uses the same botanical flavoring element of your favorite IPA -- the hops plant from which bitter flavoring and preservative elements are derived -- in a lovely contemporary print design that craft beer loving husband and wife will be able to agree on. Even if you don't care for beer, it's easy to get lost in the layered textures of green.

All Metro Shower Curtains are made to order with original, exclusive designs. All shower curtains are sublimation printed on polyester fabric, creating a light-weight, quick drying easy care curtain. All shower curtains are designed and manufactured in the USA. Hooks, liner hanging bar, and bathtub are not included with purchase.

  •  100% Polyester fabric
  •  71 x 74 inches / 180 x 188 cm
  •  Non-toxic, PVC-Free, vinyl-free, non-plastic
  •  Dries quickly
  •  12 button hole top for hanging
  •  Stitched sides
  •  Low mildew
  •  Machine washable
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Free US shipping

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