Your Shower Curtain: Art Canvas of Your Bathroom

Shower Curtain Design

Welcome to Metro Shower Curtains! This is Rachel Summers, company founder. I'm a photographer, graphic artist, web and physical product designer. I am using my knowledge and experience to bring you unique and original shower curtain designs. I started this company with the vision of bringing inspired, fun and beautiful designs to bathrooms as an affordable way to express your style. Where else in your house can you so easily display a giant piece of artwork for under $100? Think about it. Have you ever picked up a print you liked for $20 or $40 then took it to get framed only to realize you had just made a $300 investment? Shower curtains are flexible, and can be used for fun, simple decor, or to display more adventurous art.

Modern printing technology allows me to create designs which are sublimation printed onto soft, lightweight polyester fabric and then sewn to order (here in the USA, no less). I currently offer one size only but am working on adding more options in the future. More designs will be added nearly daily, so check back often if you like what you see, and please contact me if you have an idea for something you have been looking for but just can't find! I am not offering customizations, but if I create a product around you idea, you'll be the first to know about it!

Sustainable Products

Another area that inspires me in my work is a goal of creating eco-friendly products with a clean, humane and environmentally sustainable production process.

While my products are not organic or biodegradable at this point, they are produced locally with non-toxic materials that have a long product life. Additionally, the polyester fabric used to make our products is recyclable with textile recycling programs. 

Printing my shower curtains in the USA means that there is minimal carbon footprint in getting your products to my customers, while also supporting local employers. And made-to-order manufacturing means that only the items that are sold will be made, minimizing waste in production.

My polyester fabric curtains are non-toxic, PVA-free, non-vinyl, PVC-free and can be easily washed in your washing machine. That means you don't have to throw them out at the first sign of mildew. Simply wash it with some sort of laundry booster, e.g. white vinegar (½ cup), Borax (¼ cup), or OxiClean (¼ cup), plus a couple terrycloth towels, which will help scrub and protect your curtain, allowing you to use it as long as possible.

When you are ready to replace your fabric shower curtain, you can send it to a textile recycling center. Here in Massachusetts, we have drop locations at many local schools where textiles are converted to a variety of other products. Try searching for "local textile recycling" for options in your area as curbside pickup of textiles for recycling is not yet standard in most areas.

So those are some practical reasons I'm comfortable offering my products to you. Of course, you'll also want to find a design that you love. This is the fun part! There are a lot of great options out there, both from my store and elsewhere so take your time. And drop me a note if you have any questions! 

- Rachel

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